About Us

UCAS was founded in 1990 and incorporated in 1991 in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada.

The UCAS Vision

“To establish and leave a legacy of the Uganda Canadian heritage, and by active and equitable integration, contribute to the development of Saskatchewan.”

Objectives of the organization include:

  • to promote better acquaintance, understanding and co-operation among Ugandan-Canadians and friends residing in Saskatchewan;
  • to preserve, promote, and develop the culture of Ugandan-Canadians in Saskatchewan thereby contributing to the multicultural society of Canada;
  • to assist new immigrants and support their adjustment and participation in the Saskatchewan community in particular, and in Canada in general;
  • to advocate to equality, equity and integration in society, and for the welfare of Ugandan-Canadians in Saskatchewan; and
  • to work towards the elimination of racism and discrimination within (the Ugandan-Canadian community and) the community at large.

Over the years, UCAS has undertaken a number of innovative projects including the following:

2008-2010: Initiated and implemented the “Skilled Worker Immigrant Project” in collaboration with the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Saskatchewan.

2005-2007: Hosted and played a key role in the management of the Uganda Canadian National Association (UCNA) 3 year project titled: Building Capacities Towards Equity Participation and Integration that was implemented in 7 provinces.

Sponsored the first Uganda-Canadian National Conference on the theme: Ensuring our Integration in Canadian Society: 2000 and Beyond.

Organized the first Uganda-Canadian conference in Western Canada in 1991.

Plus a host of community based activities in Saskatchewan including summer camps; heritage language schools engaging youth in leadership, public speaking and other activities.


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Project Committees

UCAS has a number of “Project Committees that are working to achieve positive impacts on Saskatchewan for people from Uganda – and these committee efforts often lead to new events. If you are interested in contacting one of these committees, you can reach UCAS through the “Contact Us” link.

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