How do I contact you?

To reach UCAS by phone, call us at: (306) 359-8227

Our fax number is: (306) 565-6780

Our mailing address is below:

Uganda Canadian Association of Saskatchewan Inc.

Suite #310-2505 11th Avenue

Regina, SK S4P 0K6

Our e-mail address is: ucas.regina@sasktel.net

Or fill in our Contact Us form by Clicking Here!

Why should I join UCAS?

  • It gives me an opportunity to share my Ugandan identity with my children together with other Uganda Canadian.
  • It gives me a sense of belonging and community, and caring for each other “home far away from home”.
  • It gives me opportunity to network – build powerful relationship; the community is part of my journey it perfects me; it helps me to learn patience, and gives me an opportunity to give back.
  • For friendship and to be part of something large celebrating global citizenship.
  • Celebrate diversity – I don’t want to ask what UCAS can do for me but what I can do for it.